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About Us


Soaring Fitness is founded off of trust and quality. We pride ourselves on providing the world products that can handle extreme training routines in the gym and at home. We got tired products falling apart and decided to create our own, knowing that everything is reliable and wont wear down or break.

My name is Sara, the founder of Soaring Fitness LLC. My father always had a fascination with Eagles and their ability to be free, determined, and powerful. I was 7 years old when he passed away. From that day forward I always told myself that I will develop a way to give back and donate toward research on cardiovascular health and establish an organization dedicated to helping kids who have lost a parent or guardian.

Soaring is the solution to giving back to those in need. Everyone may know or have had someone close to them pass away by an unseen cause. Together we can work towards creating "Soaring Hearts" knowing the back story of how Soaring Fitness LLC was founded, and that together we can change lives for the better.